Designers: Swap Real-Life Samples for Time-Saving 3D Visualisations

SpecifierHub supports your creativity with a platform that streamline the selection and approval process, ensuring your visions aren’t just understood but felt.

As a colour consultant or designer, your ability to accurately visualise and convey your design concepts is crucial. With real-time 3D visualisations of what a buyer’s home will look like, you can modernise the design process and drive more upsells than ever.


Why Designers Love SpecifierHub


Dynamic Visuals

Our photorealistic renders and extensive product library allow you to experiment with and present colour schemes and materials in stunning clarity.


Collaborative Features

Engage with customers and teams in a shared workspace, making decisions with confidence and ease.


Cloud-Based Flexibility

Manage your design projects from anywhere, ensuring you're always connected and in control.

Discover a new level of design collaboration and customer satisfaction with SpecifierHub, where your creative visions become compelling realities.

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