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iDesign by CSR

iDesign by CSR elevates home design with cutting-edge, photorealistic 3D rendering technology. Our platform empowers users to meticulously personalise their dream home, establishing unparalleled standards in digital visualisation. Experience the future of home design, where precision meets personalisation.


Himmel Visualiser

The Himmel Visualiser redefines spatial transformation, leveraging our expansive range of innovative products to create spaces that excel in performance, sustainability, and design. Our tool merges advanced visual technology with user-centric design, providing an intuitive and comprehensive visual exploration experience.


Gyprock Visualiser

With the Gyprock Visualiser, interior design reaches new heights. Select from our exquisite collection of profiles, designed to enhance any architectural style. This platform simplifies customisation, allowing users to effortlessly visualise and achieve a cohesive, elegant interior ambiance.


Fairview Visualiser

Explore the pinnacle of exterior design innovation with the Fairview Visualiser, Australia's premier cladding visualisation tool. Crafted for architects, designers, and builders, this complimentary platform transforms the design journey, facilitating the vivid depiction and articulation of a project's distinctive story. Turn visionary ideas into visual certainties with Fairview Visualiser.

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