Build Your Company’s Future With SpecifierHub

Looking to grow your business? We all want access to more prospective customers and greater opportunities. You get access to both as a member of the SpecifierHub Service Partner Program, which includes 2 different types of partnership:


Create Designs for SpecifierHub

Our application thrives on a rich database of computer-aided designs (CAD) that SpecifierHub can convert into customisable 3D visualisations. If you or your company would like to create designs as a SpecifierHub Service Partner, we can provide benefits that help move your business forward.

Free Referrals

Our SpecifierHub Service Partners join a network of design professionals and others in the industry who share leads and referrals.

Marketing Materials

You also gain access to compelling marketing materials you can use in your own sales cycle when you start creating CAD for SpecifierHub.

Training & Support

Our Partners will also be invited to exclusive webinars and have access to proprietary support tools. These trainings and tools give you an advantage in a competitive industry.

Build Custom Applications Using SpecifierHub

We also provide developers and agencies access to SpecifierHub APIs and SDKs. These development tools empower them to build innovative applications, create exceptional 3D experiences, and increase workflow efficiency.

White Label Our Technology

The 3D visualisations and capabilities you see in SpecifierHub can be white-labeled and embedded in your own applications.

Add New Features to Your App

Use SpecifierHub to add a new feature that your users have been asking for, or to make available a function you’ve always wanted — but haven’t had the technology to execute.

Exceed Your Users’ Expectations

Our toolset rests at the cutting-edge of 3D visualisation. Embedding our app’s features into your own technology will “wow” your users and exceed their expectations.

Ready to grow your business?